Religious Music: Its Time and Reality


  • Klaas Govers


What is Religious music? Sacred music. Purpose and use make music religious. It does not exist in historical time but is always actually present. Imitation of older styles is of no use for religious music. A historical style, modernized or not, is not at all religious. Comparison with the Christian mosaics which show the invisible. What is real is not attached to form and characteristics of style, does not recall its origin, does not perish. The spiritual, complete value is lost in the world. Music in itself is not religion. In the world it becomes secular. An artificial world is created by way of background, to be able to give music a habitation. Music as a bridge between the humane and the divine, is a means for reconciliation. Man and all that he creates belongs to the created world. Music testifies to the real proportions. The natural order, not to be neglected, is the basis of human creation; no power would emanate from building on unreal ground. Equal temperament is an artificial system. A living rhythm is not built on an artificial foundation. It finds its origin and essence in poetry and dance.