Development of Tolerant and Inclusive Religious Behaviour


  • Adi Iqbal Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin, Jambi
  • Moh. Salman Hamdani Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) KH. Achmad Shiddiq, Jember
  • Soni Samsu Rizal Institut Agama Islam Darussalam (IAID) Ciamis, West-Java, Indonesia


This study explores strategies for developing tolerant and inclusive religious behaviour. This research is a literature review. The literature review is a systematic, explicit, and reproducible method for identifying, evaluating and synthesizing research works and ideas that researchers and practitioners have produced. The results of the study show that in the perspective of religious studies, religious behaviour that is tolerant and inclusive is closely related to one's personality. Someone who has a good response to the values ​​of religious teachings that are tolerant and inclusive, then his personality will also be more tolerant, stable, and good. Therefore, the development of tolerant and inclusive religious behaviour is an important factor in encouraging the growth and development of children's personalities. By developing tolerant and inclusive religious behaviour, it is believed that the child's personality will be more tolerant and stable following the values ​​of religious teachings.